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Released on Uprising Records 2005.

"Cipher take the word hardcore to expansive levelsThis disc is a must for anyone into hardcore, or metalcore, or any person willing to try something thats abrasive yet intelligent ."[9.5/10] 

"this disc is simply a must have for anyone with a brain. Cipher hinted at greatness in the past, but all their elements come together perfectly here and this is a relevant album...."[9.5/10] -Transcending the Mundane 

"Cipher delivers Children on Gods Fire, a solid 62 minutes of heady, thoughtful metalcore that gives as much to the listener lyrically as it does musically. Combining a small books worth of social and political commentary with 14 months worth of perfected technical music work, Cipher effectively sets themselves apart from the teeming masses of metalcore.

"Listening to this album is like simultaneously taking a tough college course and getting run over by a truck If classic tough-guy hardcore is a bodybuilder, Cipher is hardcore gone Robotech, with 21st century armor and weaponry 

"Ciphers music is heavy and lurching, like fists on a giant man with Tourettes, lashing out and smashing, punching with mean riffage, strattling perfectly the gray line between hardcore and metal. -Fishcom 

"a mathematically precise chaotic metal album Cipher promises to be one of those bands that sticks in your mind hours after their showGrab this up now ."[editors choice] 

"Passionate, venomous, and steadfast, this New York based group attacks with a frenziedly schizophrenic blend of hardcore and metal that's as much potent musically as it is lyricallyYes! -Fake 

"Blast beats, breakdowns, all done without studio polish - this is how heavy music needs to be done Cipher offers up a refreshing, heavy album for 2005. 

"Hardcore has lost its true meaning, lets bring it back. Cipher is one of the many bands that have the power to recreate the "Hardcore Community" ."[A++] 

"a whole world of ideas, concepts, and connections are made and completely blow your mindNot only is this heavy in musical delivery, but probably even more heavy in conceptual presentation -Hanging Like a Hex 

"Cipher are evolving a musical style, a musical movement: metalcore hasn't anymore limits and borders in this "Children of God's Fire". 

"Metalcore bands may be 10-a-penny, but metalcore bands that can rise above the mosh and deliver albums worth savoring are priceless...this hour-long debut from Long Island's Cipher is one of those rare, rare instances."[9/10] -Decibel 

Most metalcore bands are either spastic and harmonically dissonant, or full of groove and mosh. Few combines both, and even fewer combine both successfully like the neo-revolutionary band CipherCipher plays tough, chest pounding music that has penty of brains amongst the brutality. [8/10] -Outburn 

"This band really grabbed me by the throat and didn't let go until the album was done...Brutal, brilliant metal with a responsible, thoughtful head on it's burly shoulders. Get into it." -AMP 

"a brilliant, brutal and even touching album that is sure to help ignite the flames of consciousness back into hardcore it manages to punish ear-drums while enlightening minds at the same time -Skyscraper 

"A shining display of intellect, compassion, and skull-crushing power one of the surefire, best politically themed hardcore albums to come out in some time 

"I am now kicking myself for not checking this band out sooner I had truely thought the days of well thought out and perfectly executed metalcore were long gone 

"Their powerful, historical, passionate message of humanity just happens to come wrapped in heavy, brutal music. This is an encyclopedia written on the side of a war machineLyrically, sonically, and passionately this band has honed this beauty and delivered it to us in the time of a little over an hour. ."[9/10] -Wrank 

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